Our Campus


Every student is an enthusiastic scientist in the making, and they spend part of their school time in laboratory. They try to explore, probe and experiment to find the truth behind the facts of life, to solve problems.


Laboratories are stimulating places for Science students to practice their hands on experiments. Well planned, spacious and well equipped Physics lab has all the interesting sets of equipment to reinforce scientific and experimental concepts and facilitate in developing investigative skills. The experimental gadgets cater to the needs of the students to discover the law which governs a certain phenomenon or verify a given law which has been derived from a theory.


This is a place where our students are given a chance to 'discover' before they are 'told'. Students study detailed structures, morphological and physiological aspects of plants and animals. Study of slides under the microscopes or studying the specimens kindles a natural curiosity towards nature and instills a joy of learning the flora & fauna around us. All the equipment and specimens are used under careful supervision.


The Chemistry laboratory is designed keeping all the statutory norms and safety standards. It is well ventilated as well as spacious. Scientific attitude is developed in the students along with the ability to analyze, collate, compute, integrate and deduce.


The Computer Science Laboratory coordinates the maintenance and operation of the computing equipment and network services. The aim is to stay updated with changing times and equip the students and the teachers with the latest technological methods.


Our library’s collections, services and environment are all designed to help the school meet its targets and goals for raising student achievement.

The library’s physical and digital spaces connect readers and learners to their peers, to others within the school and the wider community.

With a flexible multi-use approach, our library’s physical space enables a range of activities including quiet reading, study, collaboration, performance or community events.


In a hi-tech classroom, it becomes easy for our teachers to derive even the most complex chapters or concepts from easy illustrations, presentation or animated videos. As a result, the student is able to learn and grasp easily. The visual aids stay in their mind more prominently.


Health Centre is accessible for the students and the staff with a doctor and a nurse for immediate first-aid and emergency medical care.


V-Cafe is a hygienic canteen within the campus that provides all the staff and the students with balanced, nutritious & delicious meals, snacks and healthy beverages at affordable prices.