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Science educators strongly believe that the laboratory is an important means of instruction in science. Laboratory learning process enables our students to have first-hand practical experience in the manipulation of various instruments, tools, equipment and materials related to scientific research.

Computer Laboratory

In our Computer Laboratory, there are more than 100 computers with advanced equipment in terms of hardware and software. The school is equipped with a broadband internet connection. The students who are eager to expand their knowledge can utilize this internet facility for their searches on any subject or any topic of their interest.

Biology Laboratory

The study of Biology provides students with opportunities to develop an understanding of our living world. We provide lab resources including microscopy, genetics, and life science. Our Biology Laboratory animates simulations and a variety of educational learning materials such as Anatomy, Physiology, Dissection, Cells and Microbiology, Genetics and DNA, Animal behaviour, Evolution, and Life sciences.

Chemistry Laboratory

We have a big demonstration table in our Chemistry Laboratory. This table includes a sink, natural gas connection and a safety shield. We are fully equipped with all the required safety equipment such as a hand free eye wash station, a master shut-off switch for gas, a fire blanket, a fire extinguisher, a first-aid kit and a goggle sanitizer.

Physics Laboratory

We have set up a Physics Laboratory with all the facilities, tools, and equipment. The idea is to make our students understand the basic concepts of Physics and develop skills of measurement, analysis, and information processing.


Our school Library is a gateway to various kinds of knowledge resources. We maintain a peaceful, serene and enriching atmosphere to create deep learning hours in our Library. It houses a wide range of meticulously selected books, study materials, reference books, encyclopedias, journals, magazines, periodicals, newspapers and interactive CDs to accomplish the needs of students.

It develops reading habits of our children and teachers and it also helps them in completing their academic and practical projects. It opens up many vistas in hunting the treasure of wisdom in our children, teachers, and staff.


At Velammal Matriculation School, we have introduced Digital Teaching through Multimedia Teaching Aids. The classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, with custom-designed electronic white boards, projection systems, PCs and UPS.

The Smart Class is a comprehensive solution designed to assist teachers and students in meeting day-to-day classroom challenges and in enhancing the academic performances of students with the meaningful use of technology. This makes classroom teaching-learning process an enjoyable experience for teachers and students.

The Smart Class has a unique delivery model wherein a Knowledge Center is connected to the classrooms through the internet. Teachers are provided with various digital resources such as educational videos and animation films. Interactive virtual lab tools and equipment are also provided to them. They use them efficiently for completing their lesson plans as per the schedule.


It is said that healthier citizens are the greatest assets any country can have. To accomplish this saying, our school has a full-fledged canteen within the campus. Our canteen has the vision to create a healthier eating habit among our children. Our canteen does not supply any carbonated drinks with artificial sweeteners, sugar based food items, and processed foods as we are vigilant about the negative health effects of these food items.

Maximum care is taken to ensure and maintain utmost cleanliness in our canteen. We supply only home-made food items, snacks, natural juices along with hot beverages like tea and coffee. We ensure that the food items and beverages supplied in the canteen are highly nutritious. We also ensure that these delicious food items served in a clean atmosphere will revive vitality and bring freshness to our students, teachers, and staff at an affordable cost.


It is said that a fit and healthy body is the best fashion statement a human being can express to the world. The main goal of our health services is to bring in and maintain a healthier life for our students, teachers, and staff.

At Velammal, a Medical Center is functioning with a doctor and a nurse. First-aid and emergency medical care are provided in this center. Periodic health check-ups are also conducted to ensure that the students are healthy in their physical, mental and spiritual dimensions. Regular screening tests are also provided to avoid the spread of various kinds of infectious diseases.

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