Discipline, Determination, & Dedication

This school began in 1986 in a thatched roof with just 183 students and 13 teachers on roll at this sprawling campus at Mugappair. The school which started with a handful of students has today 15,000 students and 1,500 staff. We carry with us an indelible mark on all facets of education i.e. scholastic and non-scholastic activities.The motto of our school is Discipline, Determination and Dedication. These three virtues have been working wonders among the young Velammalians to emerge victorious in life. Every student receives individual and personal attention and the maximum comfort possible. It is our endeavor to make education a purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable experience.


‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Velammal School was started as a small educational venture with thirty students on a 2400 square feet land area in Mugappair, Chennai in 1986. Now, it has simply become a Kalpa Vriksha for many children with a phenomenal social responsibility.

I take pride in chasing this social cause called education and am totally committed to shaping the destinies of our loving children providing them with an education that is fit to be called ‘world-class’.

We are also keen on striking a precise balance between academics and life-skill activities for sculpting a wholesome development in the personalities of our young students. When I come across the students in the campus, I can perceive their inner potential which is filled with abundant capabilities that would achieve many things in the future.

I also have faith in the fact that if a child does not fare well in academics, he or she would shine in some other fields using their other creative talents. So, we deeply feel that it is our duty to identify these talents and develop them to create many achievers and leaders in other areas of life-skills beyond academics. With this strong hope in our hearts, we greatly focus our energies on delivering professional training in event sports, game sports, extracurricular activities, arts and crafts and vocational skills to all students alike.

We strongly believe that success comes to those who commit themselves completely to their vision. The success that is achieved by Velammal comes from the divine sources as we are delivering our educational services as a humble commitment to humanity as well as a duty towards fulfilling the wishes of the all-pervasive Almighty. Our success will go on continuing for a long time as we always stay motivated in all our educational services and  goals.


Caterpillars become beautiful butterflies
Sands become sparkling pearls
Coals become precious diamonds
So does a child in Velammal, becomes an ACHIEVER!

By choosing to view our website, you have opened a threshold that presents you a delightful journey into our illustrious institution – now on its way to scripting history following 30 years of spectacular success! We, at Velammal, are fully aware of the fact that ‘the road to success is always under construction.’ We firmly believe that education is not accumulation of facts but unravelling of ideas. Making full use of the opportunities bestowed on our way, we successfully transform every idea into reality. The quality of education offered at our premises is truly an enjoyable, exciting and wholesome experience for all students alike. It’s no wonder that we’ve earned a place of pride among top educational institutions in the nation! Our school, having proven to be a store house of rich experience and rare expertise, has justifiably earned us the sobriquet as “Perfect Educators!” I take this wonderful avenue to reassure you that every step your ward(s) take(s) will be a learning experience urging him / her that the ‘sky is the limit’.

Thank you for your valuable time spent in exploring this site and wishing your ward(s) the very best.

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