A Vibrant Vel’s Laya (A Rhythm Of Heart) @ Velammal

March 5, 2020 6:12 pm

Velammal West School celebrated its fifth Vel’s Laya-2020 with colourfull culturals. The glorious evening began with a welcome note to the celebrity Guests of honor                  Dr. Sharmila Anand, M.D. (Pharmacology) founder & managing Director INSPERA Health care training academy, Dr. Anitha Kuppusami, Playback Singer and Smt. Priyaprince, Actress, Journalist and Motivational Speaker.

The Program commenced with a soothing prayer song. The second Arangetram of ECAYLP students of classical dance was done. 

The chief guests gave an invigorating speech which had a great impact among the parents and students.

The cultural events began with a transfixing and divine pooja dance of classical dancers which grabbed everybody’s attention

The audience were delighted by the fascinating dance performances and the soulful symphony of the Vel’s orchestra. The grandeur and splendor of yoga and the western dance performance left everybody hypnotized.


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