Club Activity Term-1

November 19, 2018 5:51 pm

The Velammal West has successfully conducted many club activities. This academic year so far.

To start with, “Globes and Maps” a social activity, saw an interesting display of models and chart work done by students.

            The English club activity called “Picture talk” to enhance the speaking skill, also had many eager participants, likewise the Tamil “Pechu potti” showcased the oratorical talents of the little ones. Next was the Maths club activity called “Shapes on Wheels”. Captivating models on cardboard and paper work, were exhibited in the Primary compartment.

            Science club activity had enthusiastic participants who show cased “Germination” by growing saplings in small containers. They were kept on display along with interesting chart work. The students enjoyed the various club activities and gained kinesthetic knowledge.


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