The School faculties possess a unique blend of specialised skills besides being professionally qualified and experienced. Each faculty is different, but undeniably  adaptable, compassionate, creative, determined, evolving, passionate, resilient & resourceful in making a lasting inspirational impact on their respective pupils in building their future.

Our Methodology

    The child’s development and maturity is in accordance with the quality of the learning opportunities provided. We create an environment where the child can operate not at his/her lowest survival level but at his/her highest, most creative potential.

    Education given is interactive, participatory and democratic.

    We focus on the processes of learning rather than merely on the content and performance. At Velammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School, we believe that “The child is an autonomous being” and so provide the child with opportunities to express his/her autonomy rather than be continually acted upon.

    The School envisions to build students’ strengths, interests and experiences to develop confidence in their capacity to learn and work independently and collaboratively.

Mode of Assessments

Important Points

Students with only a minimum attendance of 80% alone are permitted to take up the Annual Examination.
A minimum of 35% is required in each subject for a child to be eligible for promotion.