Campus Life


Science Educators have believed that the laboratory is an important means of instructions in science. Laboratory teaching is the first – hand experience in observation and manipulation of the materials of science.

Computer Laboratory In our computer laboratory, there are more than 100 computers with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software. The school is equipped with a dedicated broadband internet connection for enterprising students to get a chance to be familiar with the internet.

Biology Laboratory The study of Biology provides students with opportunities to develop an understanding of our living world. We provide lab resources including microscopy, genetics and life science. The following Biology laboratory simulations and educational learning includes Anatomy, Physiology, Dissection, Cells and Microbiology, Genetics and DNA, Animal behavior, Evolution and Life science.

Chemistry Laboratory We have a demonstration table that includes a sink, natural gas connection and a safety shield. Safety equipment includes a hand free, eye wash station, a master shut – off switch for gas, a fire blanket, a fire extinguisher, a first – aid kit and a goggle sanitizer.

Physics Laboratory We provide excellent learning equipment’s to our students to understand physics concepts and developing skills of measurement, analysis and processing information.


Our school library has a positive and energetic impact on student’s achievements. We provide the first yardstick for our children knowledge. It equips the students with life-long learning skills and develops the imagination enabling them to live as a responsible citizen.


Smart board is an interactive white board and it’s a tool of teachers. It is updated with information of various subjects according to the student’s standards. Its an innovative teaching technique to make our concepts (maps, illustrations, experiments, formula etc) easy to reach our children.


“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have”
Our school canteen has a significant impact on the development of eating habits.
Eat less CRAP
C – Carbonated drinks
R – Refined sugar
A – Artificial sweeteners & colours
P – Processed foods
Eat more FOOD
F – Fruits and vegetables
O – Organic proteins
O – Omega 3 Fatty acids
D – Drink water


“A fit, healthy body – is the best fashion statement”
Our primary goal at student health services is to provide and promote healthy well – being. We have a school doctor who visits the centre daily to attend the students medical needs and a permanent staff nurse to care the children all times.